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Executive Team

Executive Team

The director of the Research Centre is assisted in his administrative duties by an executive director, as well as three assistant directors, each of whom is responsible for one of the Centre’s three main research components.

François Maltais, Assistant Director of Respirology Research; Jean-Pierre Després, Assistant Director of Cardiology Research; Denis Richard, Director of the Research Centre; Michèle Clavet, Executive Director; Yves Deshaies, Assistant Director of Obesity-Metabolism Research.

Completing the executive team are four seasoned managers from specific fields of expertise (administrative coordinator, scientific and animal facility manager, IT head, ethics and clinical research advisor) to support the operations of the various research units.

Fanny Therrien, Ethics and Clinical Research Advisor; Éric Paradis, Scientific and Animal Facility Manager; Michèle Clavet, Executive Director; Denis Richard, Director of the Research Centre; Caroline Paquin, Administrative Coordinator; Rémy Thériault, IT Head.

Numerous professionals from relevant fields also help define the Centre’s main roles and orientations by taking part in various committees. Two such committees serve a relatively important management and operational role: the academic affairs and innovation committee (under the board of directors) and the research coordination committee. Click here to see the complete list.