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The obesity-metabolism component includes 33* researchers, 32 nurses and research professionals, as well as 51 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. In Canada, this component is considered one of the most significant groups working in obesity. Université Laval, which oversees the Institute’s bariatric surgery group and researchers, ranks 18th (Science Watch, Thomson Reuters, 2010) worldwide among over 30,000 research institutions in terms of the number of scientific publications on obesity. This achievement is the result of a multi-faceted approach that includes nutrition, behaviour, surgery, molecular biology, applied human genetics, physiology, etc. applicable to human and animal, whether for tissue and cellular models. Basic research within the component focuses on multiple aspects of obesity triggers and complications. Clinical research has grown remarkably in recent years and involves numerous collaborations both within the component and with the other research components.


Key themes

  • Regulation of energy balance: central and peripheral mechanisms
  • Tissue and cell metabolism of energy: endocrine and molecular aspects
  • Mechanisms of obesity and diabetes complications
  • Impact of bariatric surgery on morbid obesity and its complications
  • Obesity treatment/prevention interventions and their effectiveness

Research chairs

  • Research Chair in Obesity (Denis Richard)
  • Canada Research Chair in Adipose Tissue (Katherine Cianflone)
  • Research Chair in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery (André Tchernof)
  • Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Energy Balance (Angelo Tremblay)

Obesity-metabolism researchers

Dr. André Tchernof
Assistant Director of Obesity-Metabolism Research


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