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Microbiota Platform

The platform for gut microbiota represents a high-level infrastructure to accommodate research activities requiring axenic and gnotobiotic experimental models.

This platform offers a modern environment fitted with state-of-the-art high-technology equipment enabling the housing for animals in an optimal and controlled setting.

Its team of experienced animal health technologists is trained to the highest quality standards for the performance of experiments requesting the greatest rigour.

Microbiota Platform Information Guide

Equipment and Services

Infrastructure and Equipment

  • Area with controlled access limited to the Microbiota Platform’s staff
  • Room decontamination with hydrogen peroxide vapour (fumigation) for any material passing through the sector
  • High capacity sterilizer with sterilization cycles specifically for the rigorous needs of the axenic environment
  • Fully equipped rooms, each with a biological safety cabinet
  • Housing of animals in individual positive pressure cages HEPA filtered (ISOcages P from Tecniplast) without risk of ventilation contamination
  • Immersion tanks attached to biosafety stations for ISOcages, allowing chemical surface sterilization of the equipment

Quality Control Program

  • Validation of animal health status upon arrival
  • Periodic environmental sampling for certification of health status maintenance
  • Validation of health status by culture of samples under three incubation conditions, 16S PCR, biomolecular analysis and microscopy on fresh feces
  • Sterility validation protocol for all items coming into contact with animals

Technical Services

  • Periodic cage changes including sampling for the quality control program
  • Basic techniques on animals (with request): weight gain, gavage, injections, punctures, genotyping, etc.
  • Development of sterilization protocols for specific equipment or material
  • Development and transposition of techniques in an axenic context

Service Request

In order to get the cost assessment for your project, and make a demand for services, complete  the service request form (French only).

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