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Advanced Imaging

Advanced Imaging

Advanced Imaging Platform

The CRIUCPQ-ULaval advanced imaging platform (AIP) is a modern university infrastructure fully dedicated to research. It offers researchers high-tech imaging equipment that meets the needs of human and animal research.

The AIP includes a 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging system, an ultrafast CT scanner equipped with 256 detectors as well as a Lunar iDXA bone densitometer.

Our Team

Scientific Director: Dr Éric Larose
Administrative manager: Michèle Cyr
Coordinator:  Dr Xavier Moreel

Equipment and Services

This platform, located in Pavilion A of CRIUCPQ-ULaval, set up for accommodating research participants under optimal conditions (reception point, waiting room, locker room, sampling room, etc.). It also has a processing room for biological specimens that is available to research teams.

The AIP has direct access to CRIUCPQ-ULaval animal facility, which eases the performance of preclinical protocols.

The AIP team provides technical assistance to all researchers, both in the planning and the imaging testing, and in their analysis. Images of the examinations being undertaken are remotely accessible via a secure server.

                                 IRM                                                                          TDM                                                                             DXA


3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (Ingenia 3T MRI; Philips)

  • Conventional examinations of different organs
  • Functional MRI
  • Spectroscopy (determination/quantification of the tissue fat fraction)

Computerized axial tomography (iCT scanner, 256 detectors; Philips)

Bone densitometry (Lunar iDXA; GE Healthcare)

  • Bone density (whole body, half body, lumbar spine, forearm. . .)
  • Body composition

* All AIP’s devices and infrastructure are appropriate for the care of participants who have severe overweight.

Service Request

Contact the AIP in order to discuss your projects and explore the opportunities it provides in undertaking your human and animal research work.

Dr Xavier Moreel
Coordonnateur de la plateforme
418 656-8711 poste 4145


Examination request form (French only)

Questionnaire on contraindications for MRI (French only)


Fee Schedule (French only)