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The Research Centre’s Biobank of the IUCPQ-ULaval

The biobank has over 135,000 high-quality biospecimens (blood products, pulmonary and cardiac tissues) from 25,000 participants.

The biobank samples come from patients with various pathological conditions related to the Centre’s main research components, namely cardiology, respirology, as well as obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolism.

The biobank is a real catalyst for biomedical research. It is a fundamental resource for permitting optimization of diagnostic methods and discovery of potential treatments for different diseases. Its services are available on a priority basis to the Institute’s researchers and their collaborators in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

Our Team

Biobank Coordinator
Christine Racine
Ext. 2881
Physician Investigators
Dr. Philippe Joubert
​Anatomopathologist and researcher for the respirology component
Dr. François Maltais
Respirologist and researcher for the respirology component
Chairholder of the GSK-CIHR Research Chair on Chronic Inflammatory Diseases of the Airways
Head of the Multidisciplinary Respirology and Thoracic Surgery Department
​Director of the Groupe de recherche en santé respiratoire (GeSeR)
Dr. Simon Marceau
Surgeon and researcher for the obesity–type 2 diabetes–metabolism component
​Head of the General and Bariatric Surgery Department
Dr. Philippe Pibarot
Director of the cardiology research component
​Chairholder of the Canada Research Chair in Valvular Heart Diseases
Dr. André Tchernof
Director of the obesity–type 2 diabetes–metabolism research component
​Chairholder of the Research Chair in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
Research Professionals
Marie-Christine Allard
Ext. 3288
Sabrina Biardel
Ext. 5803
Marie-Ève Côté
Ext. 2061 

Our Collaborations


The use of a participant’s biological material and associated data takes into account his or her expressed wishes, and is limited to researchers who meet the requirements of the Research Centre’s biobank. Any request for samples from the biobank shall require the prior approval by its  officials and by the Scientific Review Committee and the Research Ethics Committee of the IUCPQ-UL.

Access Procedure

Procedure for use of the biobank:

  • Approval of the project by the biobank officials
  • Verification of the material availability
  • Calculation of project costs
  • Approval by the Scientific Review Committee
  • Approval by the Research Ethics Committee
  • Institutional suitability
  • User contract
  • Preparation and sending of material

Available Material

To get the cost assessment of your project and use the biobank’s services, complete its service request form.

Pathology Research

Being under the guidance of the biobank, the Pathology Research Service allows research teams to obtain quality tissue sections and histological stains for getting optimized results.

Techniques being offered by the Pathology Research Service:

  • Tissue sections in different coatings
  • Various stainings
  • Tissue embedding (paraffin, OCT, GMA, etc.)
  • Immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry
  • Other possible services according to the needs of the researchers

In order to use these services, complete  the Pathology Research Service’s request form.


Pathology Research Service’s fee schedule

Sabrina Biardel
Research Professionel
418-656-8711 ext. 5803
Marie-Christine Allard
Research Professionel
418-656-8711 ext. 3288

Biobank's pager: 418-641-3101