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Slide Scanning

Slide Scanning

Slide Scanning Platform

The slide scanning platform makes it effective to create high-quality virtual slides for various histological analyses.

Process automation allows, with a minimum of handling, for the production of brightfield and fluorescence images.

The LED lighting and the different filters used allow to acquire digital images from a panoply of fluorochromes emitting at various wavelengths, ranging from violet to deep reds.


Axio Scan.Z1, Zeiss

Technical specifications:

  • Colour camera for brightfield microscopy
  • High performance monochrome camera for fluorescent markings
  • Loading capacity up to 100 slides
  • Objective lens (dry): 20X and 40X
  • Colibri 7 LED lighting system: excitation at wavelengths 385, 430, 475, 555, 590, 630 and 735nm
  • Set of emission filters covering a broad spectrum of fluorochromes: 38 HE, 43 HE, 90 HE LED, 92 HE LED, 96 HE LED, 112 HE LED

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