quebec heart and lung institute

Quebec Heart and Lung Institute

Specializing in the health of persons with cardiopulmonary diseases and in the treatment of obesity-related disorders, the Institut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Québec - Université Laval is renowned and recognized internationally as a leader. What truly distinguishes the Institute is the quality of the care and services it provides to patients, its expertise and innovative practices, its focus on research and teaching, and its technological advances. The Institute is where specialized expertise and the sharing of knowledge come together in an ongoing quest for excellence. The close and continuing synergy between clinical activities, research, teaching and the evaluation of health technologies and interventions ensures a care approach guided by best practices and forms the cornerstone of the Institute’s mission. 


Unique assets

Since its creation in 1918, the Institute has stood on equal footing with the leading North American establishments for ultraspecialized care. Whether it is cardiac or bariatric surgery, respirology or cardiopulmonary prevention and rehabilitation, the Institute leads the way. Affiliated with Université Laval, this university institute owes its success to the determination, professionalism and proficiency of its teams. Its unique reputation in Quebec, Canada and abroad stems from the fact that it is:

  • a supraregional hospital serving a population base of over 2,2 million
  • a leader in tertiary care, in particular for the regions from which 48% of its clients come, reflecting the establishment’s supraregional mandate
  • the only hospital in Canada to offer in one location specialized and ultraspecialized care and services in cardiology, respirology and obesity surgery
  • an establishment built on the commitment and dedication of over 3,000 employees, physicians, professionals, researchers, managers and volunteers
  • a  vibrant environment conducive to multi-disciplinary learning for the next generation of medical and health professionals
  • the hospital with the largest clinical volume in tertiary cardiology in Quebec and Canada in a single location
  • one of the largest respiratory medicine centres in Canada
  • a centre of  excellence in bariatric surgery
  • an institute offering specialized medical services that are in tune with its mission and that foster an overall and continuing approach to health care
  • an institute with an internationally renowned research centre

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