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Dr. Philippe Pibarot’s team at the IUCPQ-ULaval Research Centre is providing its ultrasound platform to users of the animal supply facility. The machinery of this platform was specifically acquired for research and is designed for imaging in small-sized animals, making the resolution of images optimal in rodents.

Although often used in cardiology, our ultrasound machines can serve to detect and measure tumours, as well as to study the functions of internal organs or the development of embryos in pregnant females.

Equipment and Services

VEVO 3100, VisualSonics

  • Axial resolution up to 30 µm
  • Possibility of cardiac imaging in 4D
  • Continuous monitoring of the animal’s ECG, temperature and respiratory frequency
  • Probes available: MX201, MX250S, MX550S, MX700

HD11XE, Philips

  • Economic option for routine animal follow-up
  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • Probes available: S12-4, D2cwc, L15-7io

Three analytical stations with Vevo LAB software are accessible on-site or remotely.

Examples of images and videos created with the VEVO 3100

Mouse left ventricle, parasternal long axis view (video) Mouse aortic valve, parasternal long axis view (video)

Request for the use

The reservation procedure for this machinery is available in the file “Fee Schedule and Reservation Terms and Conditions” provided below.

For more information, please contact us:

Isabelle Fortin
418-656-8711 ext. 2870


Fee Schedule and Reservation Terms and Conditions